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Pulse Fit System

by Pulse Labs Inc.


Innovative Fitting Solutions

Pulse Labs provides unique and practical boot fitting solutions with proven results for retailers.  With a focus on a tiered system, we provide solutions for fitters, managers, buyers, and owners delivering services and products to resolve one of the ski industries biggest dilemmas – ill-fitting ski boots.  

Pulse Labs takes the voodoo out of boot fitting with innovative solutions helping fitters and consumers with product selection and accessories all the way through to boot modifications. Born of a group of passionate skiers, boot fitters, software engineers and management professionals, we offer a range of products and services to achieve your custom fit.


Fit Assistant

Software Designed for People Who Fit Ski Boots

The Pulse Fit Assistant is an iPad & web-based application that effectively addresses all aspects of our ski boot category sales.  Although the internet can’t fit your boots, technology can certainly help.  The Fit Assistant systematically takes our customers, and staff, through a fitting process that addresses performance needs, fitting requirements and add-on products.  The app is designed not to replace a fitter but to streamline the fitting process and ensure the best level of service, consumer loyalty, and success.


We have developed two unique liners, designed to perfectly compliment a a well fitting boot shell. Their individual fitting needs and effectively matching each skiers needs regarding performance and control. 

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The Pulse ProFlex is a ski boot accessory that stiffens up almost any two-piece ski boot by 15-30%. It’s simple to install and won’t change your boots’ fit.


The Pulse Workbench is an 'all in one' boot fitting tool designed to assist in all methods of shell modification.  Punching, grinding, replacing hardware, and taking measurements are all made possible by fixing the boot to the workbench by its lug, or sole, which is consequently its strongest element.


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