We call it a process because steps must be taken to ensure that your boots are ticking all the right boxes. At PULSE, the process has been fine tuned through years of working with every level of skier, and recognizing that no two skiers, or feet, are the same.



Detailed information about your wants, needs and expectations of your equipment.  Your unique profile and measurements help us create a ‘blueprint’ to effectively determine a great direction.


The most important element of the fit is the correct size, shape and performance level of the shell.  From your skier profile we are able to stream line the process and narrow the selection to a few models. 


Supporting the foot inside the shell reduces hot spots, improves control and increases circulation. In the same way a well built house relies on it’s foundation, your feet rely on support.


ProFit and TruFit liners compliment, and complete the overall fit. Perfectly filling the voids that exist between the shell and your supported foot ensures the best possible result. 


Take your skiing to the next level.
Pulse Boot Lab & Ski Co.