The Pulse ProFlex is a ski-boot accessory that stiffens up almost any two-piece ski boot by 15 to 30 per cent. It’s simple to install and won’t change your boots’ fit.

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Stiffness of a Ski Boot: aka Flex Rating 

There are no standards for ski boot flexibility. Ski brands have long tried to create a set of industry standards, to no avail. Flex ratings usually range from 70 to 130 (beginner to advanced) and vary by manufacturer; meaning one brand’s 130 can be another brand’s 110. Even within a brand’s own product range, a 130 in one model can differ dramatically from a 130 in another. From our own testing, we’ve found equal flex ratings can vary by as much as 40 per cent.

Is It For Me?

  • Do you have compromised stiffness for walk mode?

  • Do you have compromised stiffness for lightweight boot?

  • Do you have compromised stiffness for ease of entry?

  • Are you a growing/improving junior racer?

  • Are you a coach in hybrid boots for the grip and walk mode but want to drive a stiffer race-category ski?

  • Are you a coach not sure if a boot is stiff enough for his developing racers?

  • Are you an instructor with soft teaching boots still wants to perform?

  • Are warm spring/summer temperatures softening your boots?

  • Did you buy demanding new skis your boots can’t drive?

  • Are you just looking for a stiffer boot?

The Pulse ProFlex addresses all these issues.


Most of you should be able to install the ProFlex by yourself. To help you with that, we've created a video that shows you how to install the ProFlex in your boot yourself.

[ screws and t-nuts included with each ProFlex order ]