Sometimes the status quo should be challenged. We know that 90% of ski boots are 'sold' versus being fitted properly. At Pulse, when we see a flaw in the equation, we work hard to fix it. Seeing potential to increase value for consumer purchase, we develop and design our own tools, liners, and only bring into the shop products that we are genuinely excited about versus products that are driven by marketing.

At Pulse Boot Lab we have extensive services, but are not limited to:

  • Helping all levels from aspiring intermediates to elite level athletes
  • Fitting consultations are always no charge
  • Alignment/balance service
  • Comprehensive assessment service
  • Female specific fitting solutions
  • Custom made footbeds and injection liners
  • Boot modification services
  • Race Room service backed by World Cup experience
  • Extensive fit and performance aids

Getting into the right boot isn’t just a matter of comfort. It is a process that delivers the best of comfort, warmth and optimal control.  Every foot is different, and every skier has varying requirements of their gear. Our goal is to define those needs, and work through the process together.


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- Hugh L. Taylor


"At Pulse Boot Lab & Ski Co., a Revelstoke business with a growing reputation for expertise in ski boot fitting, the owners write their own history rather than following the status quo...

Boot fitting is not a regulated industry - at Pulse, we pride ourselves in doing our best to provide a high, professional, international level of fitting and service."​

My son (who has very flexible flat feet) and I both got new boots fitted by the Pulse folks this week. I have had fitted boots before, but nothing like this. I can now feel and control my skis with small movements of my feet. They were careful to tune the choice of boot and the fit to how and where I ski. I am honestly amazed. Game changer.

If you are dissatisfied with the fit of your Pulse Custom Fit Boots, we will adjust, repair, credit or refund your purchase dependent on the product or problem. Our guarantee covers you for the life of the boot and/or life of the liner.

Our credit/refund guarantee only applies to our Full Custom Fit Packages (boot, custom footbed, ProFit Liner).  Boots purchased with stock or TruFit liners hold a limited guarantee.  With our limited guarantee, we will happily work on your boots within reason, however, stock liners often skew the fit dramatically. 
* Your fit guarantee does not cover product manufacturing warranty.