We have developed two unique liners, designed to perfectly compliment a well fitting boot shell.

Their individual fitting needs effectively match each skiers needs, regarding performance and control.

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TruFit › Thermo Liner

The Pulse ProFit liner delivers the best of both worlds.  The comforts of a luxury sedan complimented by the performance of a super car.  Injected with a unique two-part foam providing the best possible fit, coupled with a progressive flex to match the flex pattern of boots as well as skis.  As energy is generated by the skier, the liner compliments that energy and delivers it directly to the ski.  The liner delivers a reactive response determined by a skier’s specific performance needs.  Combined with a properly made supportive footbed, the liner effectively fills the voids that exist between a foot and properly sized boot shell.  No detail has been left unaddressed.  The carbon flex cuff provides a stunning interface from lower leg to the boot shell, while our next to foot material maintains thermo qualities.

The Pulse TruFit liner is a heat moldable liner suited to alpine, touring and telemark boots.  Careful considerations and material choices provide a lightweight option which does not compromise performance or transfer of energy from the foot/leg to the ski.  Our Walk Notch allows an unrestricted range of motion without compromising the integrity of the liner, or it’s performance attributes.  Our polymer foam cell technology takes the shape of the foot better and lasts longer.  Our next to foot neoprene aids in thermal and durability characteristics as it is resistant to degradation normally caused by perspiration.  Its ability to resist abrasion combined with carefully placed pull loops allow for easy entry and exit from the liner.

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