We call it a process because steps must be taken to ensure that your boots are ticking all the right boxes. At PULSE, the process has been fine tuned through years of working with every level of skier, and recognizing that no two skiers, or feet, are the same. 

​     Shell

     The right shell is the most crucial element in fitting boots.  The shell must satisfy a number of different elements pertaining to foot, ankle, leg length, biomechanics, flexibility, ability, skier weight, athleticism and performance.




      A properly made footbed is literally the foundation of a properly fitted ski boot.  Stabilizing the foot properly shortens the foot, aligns ankles, knees and hips effectively, and promotes better circulation versus a stock or off the shelf insole.  The ability of the technician determines a functional footbed, not a shop's ability to purchase the machinery needed to make a footbed.



     Stock liners are made to a manufacturer's idea of 'average' (and to be cushy in the shop).  There is no 'average' when it comes to feet, nor can average liners accommodate for small intricacies between feet or individuals.  Injection liners effectively fill the voids between the foot and the shell, giving the skier the best connection to the ski, fewest pressure points, and best potential for success on the hill.